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The only question that matters…

9 Jul 2013 Paul Smith 0 Comment

When new investment property owners contact Professionals Property Management, the first question we get asked is often: what is your management fee? Or more simply, how much will it cost?

The scenario is often the same when a homeowner is thinking of selling his or her property. Often, the first question our agents are asked is: how much is your commission? Or more simply, how much will it cost?

If you’re dealing with a real estate agent, and the first thing he or she does in discussions about selling your house is discount his/her commission… how do you think that agent will respond during a tough negotiation when potential buyers are trying to haggle over the price of your home? Will that agent discount the price of your property, too?

There are so many better questions to ask than ‘how much will it cost?’ The best one to ask is: How will you ensure I get the maximum return from my rental investment?

Ask us! At Professionals Property Management, we have the answers you need!

You can find more information about property management at our new PM Remedy website http://sa.pmremedy.com.au/

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