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Presenting Your Home For Sale

22 Aug 2014 Paul Smith 0 Comment

Don’t know where to start in getting your home ready for sale?

We have put together a booklet with 101 tips in presenting your home for sale, and we will be be posting some of these tips to our website and facebook

If you wish to download our full handout, you can view it here http://cdn.hubcloud.com.au/wp-content/blogs.dir/4/files/sites/4/2014/08/101-Tips.pdf


First of our 101 Tips


The Rule of Thumb is – if something needs repair fix it!

1. There may be several things in your house that you have simply become accustomed to over time – things that you have been promising yourself to attend to. Well NOW is the time. Buyers will mentally add up their perceived costs of repairing all those minor flaws and end up with an amount that is generally higher than your actual costs will be. You might be saying to yourself “These repairs aren’t any big deal”, but the buyer is thinking, “if the owner didn’t take care of these little items, then what about the roof or plumbing or air conditioner?” Necessary non-critical minor repairs and perceived owner neglect will either lower the price or lengthen the time to sell.

2. Check all corners for peeling paint, chipped corners and loose wallpaper.

3. Large repairs; today’s climate of open disclosure and vigilant home inspections the “Golden Rule” applies. Treat the buyer as you would treat yourself. Repair any problems with major systems.


4. Every area of the house must sparkle and shine! Each hour spent will be worth the effort. Make it easy for the buyer to want your house.

5. Clean all of the windows, including the laundry and garage.

6. Clean all carpets and rugs. Clean and polish lino, tile and wooden floors. Consider re-finishing a wood floor if  necessary.

7. Clean and polish all wood work. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

8. Clean all light fixtures. The glass  covers of most ceiling fixtures can be made to sparkle by running them through the  dishwasher.

9. Clean and polish ceiling fans. Take down and clean exhaust fan covers, these are dust magnets.

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